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The services that It’s All Good ( which shall be referred to as “we”, “our” “It’s All Good” and “us” ) are subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein within our Terms and Conditions, which govern access and use to our website (, ) including our mobile website, our services in which we provide, our artwork download area, and the content in which we create. The website and services in which we provide shall be referred to as “services.” Any of our customers, clients, agencies of clients, or client representatives shall be referred to as “you,” “yourselves” and “the client.”

Intellectual Property Rights ( IP ) simply refers to a collection of rights including copyright, patents and trademarks.

Use Of Website
By using our website you signify your agreement with the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, now or in the future, please immediately stop your use of service immediately. If you choose not to, your use of service is unauthorised.

If the project in question requires a quote, this is an estimation only. Prices may vary once work has been undertaken but we will always inform the client of this at every possible opportunity. 

Whether intended to or not, when you agree to start a project with It’s All Good, you enter into a contract. Contracts do not need to be written, nor do they need to be signed, merely an agreement of work undertaken by It’s All Good in return for monetary value by yourselves brings into existence a contract.

Cancelling Contracts & Kill Fees
If after starting work on a project you decide to cancel before the work in question has been signed off and full payment has been made, you will be billed accordingly.  This is called a kill fee, and will be based solely on the hours spent on the project up until that point.

It’s All Good reserves the right to cancel or put on hold a contract at any point if we feel that a client’s behaviour is abusive, disruptive to workflow, offensive or in any way negligent.

Design Projects & Amendments
For all design projects, the client is given three rounds of amendments to the chosen design. After three rounds of  amendments have been added to the design in question, any additional changes or amendments will be charged at an hourly rate. You do not have to use all three of your allocated amendments if you do not wish to do so. Once the design has been signed off by yourselves, your allocated time in which you would like to amend the document is ended. Any further amendments needed after this time period shall be charged at an hourly rate.

Artwork Approval
Before sending any print ready or final artwork, we will send through a low-resolution proof for the client to read through, look over and check. It is during this time that all spelling, layout, positioning of any graphical elements including logos and titles are to be thoroughly checked through. Once the proof has been signed off by yourselves any issues that arise with the content of your project are solely the responsibility of the client. Once printed if any changes are to be made to the document including mis-spellings or inaccuracies in any of the text within the document, any changes will be charged at an hourly rate. Sign off does not need to be verbal, digitally written approval is all that is necessary to sign off on the project.  

Once full payment has been made for the project, full IP, copyright and ownership rights are immediately passed onto the client.  You may then use the outcome of the project.  You may not use any artwork, screenshots, low resolution proofs or any other visuals sent from It’s All Good until the invoice has been paid in full.  It’s All Good retains full ownership of any and all artwork, documents, visual references and hosted files until the invoice has been paid in full.

Confidential Information
If your project includes any confidential information, you must inform us as soon as possible before work is undertaken on your project. If you fail to do so and any of said confidential information is seen by the public eye due to promotional use of the completed artwork we cannot be held responsible. If however, you make us aware of any confidential information before we start work we will make it our aim to make sure that the information shared is kept confidential. We understand that client confidentially can at times be key, and we respect that in any way that we can.

If your project includes any text, imagery or any other media that has been sent to us by yourselves to be used within your project, we assume that it is all copyright free and you have the right to distribute and replicate said content. If you are unsure whether you have the right to distribute or indeed use any of the said content within your project, you should check prior to sending it to It’s All Good. We cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringement incurred with the use of any material sent to us via the client. This is true not only for any print or promotional materials, but also for websites and digital assets also.

Within all website projects we include ( at no additional charge ) 12 months of hosting on our server and one email account ( with an allocation of 200mb unless otherwise specified. ) In the project brief we will outline how much your hosting will be charged thereafter. After the initial 12 month period we will contact you asking if you would like to continue hosting your website with us, we will also include an invoice reflective of the agreed price at the time of creation. If we do not hear back from you or the invoice is not paid within 30 days your website and any associated email accounts will be suspended.

Suspended Content
Any suspended hosted data on our servers will be held securely for 30 days. Within this time period you can request for your content to be sent directly to you which we will do free of charge. After the 30 day period we delete any suspended content if we do not hear from the client.

It’s All Good retains the right to publicise any work undertaken for a client unless otherwise agreed to prior starting work on a project.

It’s All Good reserves the right to change any or all of our Terms and Conditions with immediate effect.